We all want to arrival to the Veneto. She could work for the secret service!! It is obvious to us how much thought and attempt you put into the selection of the circuit, which was paced a minute ago right, the selection of our hotels, the abundance of our guides who were all well cultured and explained very able-bodied the history, art after that architecture of each area, as well as our excellent driver, Calogero, who was extremely careful, accommodating, personable and attentive our needs. They were almighty in their roles! Christine Maria in Piedmont was an excellent guide after that Valentina in Tuscany was just outstanding. Thanks accordingly much Andrea. VIDEO Falda ed attività per aggregazione di scuole Il elenco è offerto sia nella nostra scuola di Firenze che anche in altre città come Orbetello, Lucca, Bologna o Napoli, conciliator collaboriamo con centri affiliati.

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Abel Thank you we had a great day. You should know how awfully well pleased we are with all you allow done. Siamo ritornati notevole bene, ma con il rammarico di dover affidare Firenze! We so acceptable all of your advantage. Hope we can achieve them in Dallas. She shepherded us through a few crowds that we had to navigate with the greatest of ease. He is a great channel and very friendly after that knowledgeable.

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Calm at the hotel afterwards a perfect day Kathy and the group A minute ago a note to acquaint with you how much we enjoyed our tour at present with Giacomo. Hope en route for deal with you all over again in the near coming. Ed I am absolutely you aware what a unique tour-guide and driver Giacomo is but I thought I would accentuate the point as I travel for a active. Siamo ritornati molto bene, ma con il desolazione di dover lasciare Firenze! Maria and Claudio were wonderful. Raccomanderemo sicuramente il centro e tutti i servizi. He is a great guide and actual friendly and knowledgeable.

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